Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Walkabout - c'est manifique!

DB here.

Started the day going to Gare De Lyon to reserve seats for our trip tomorrow. Only realised last night that reservations were compulsory on SNCF fast trains. This set us up for a walk through the Latin quarter as this is one area we have not explored with our destination being the Tour Eiffel.

It seems that every time we cross the Seine to the left bank it starts to rain. Luckily, despite the forecast it only was wet for half an hour this time. Stumbled upon the Jardin des Plantes (Botanic Gardens) and had a good look around. Took a couple of photos for Jill. The Institute of Pierre and Marie Curie, and a statue of someone else, who I (Kate) think might me a famous chemist.

Dave had a good look down a man hole, where there was some action going on, and water flowing further down the street. It was here that we needed to pull out the spray jackets and brolly.

Further down the road we came across the Pantheon and then the Palace de Luxembourg and associated gardens. These gardens were very nice indeed and the palace building was impressive.

After the most Parisian Bon Marche upmarket department store we finally got to the Tower for a view in the daytime. Spent an hour or so in the vicinity just enjoying being there.

Our week in Paris has come to an end and we had to get 'home' to pack for the trip to Luzern. After packing we ducked out for dinner at about 10:30 to a local restaurant. There are so many to chose from it is ridiculous. I have never been to a city with so many food shops. The little Cantonese restaurant was the best oriental food since Uncle Geoff took us to a Thai place in south central LA (at least there were no bullet holes in the front window at this place).

We have been very fortunate to have Wi-fi in our apartment here in Paris and I am not sure what Internet access we have in our other accommodation. We will try to find an Internet cafe, but probably wont be blogging every day. Bon Soir for now!


Jodie said...

We shall keep checking to see if you manage a post from the wilds.I hope the rest of the trip goes as swimmingly as this first part.

Ron and Hilda said...

Mum here we will keep track of you and checking regularly. Have a save train journey. Lawrie is still in bed, we are waiting for the Austar people to come.

Love Mum & Lozza

Ron and Hilda said...

Nice pics of the gardens Mum & Dad. Love Lawrie

Ron and Hilda said...

Great pictures.

What was the Jardin des Planres "really" like? It sounded great in the magazine write up.

Happy memories of Paris for you as I have previously said.

I will continue checking every day.

Love Dad and Mitch

Ron and Hilda said...

Oops. I know that the "r" is next to the "t" on my keyboard - I missed.

Love Dad

Annie said...

Hi Kate and Dave, Just checking in quickly to let you know that I'm thinking of you - quickly looked at some pics as I'm running out of internet time. Will check in again when we get home - heading off tomorrow. Had a great week in QLD. Looks like you're having a great time too. Soak it up.
Love Annie

Dudley said...

loved all your blogs and check every day. Your photos are excellent-have you filled a disc yet?.
Continue to enjoy your holiday. Love Dad/Dud

Annie said...

Back in Ballarat, and loving seeing all your pics. How wonderful to be seeing all that up close and personal. Off to Jodie's tomorrow for a Fat Flat Sew - will miss your presence. Thinking of you...

skinglis said...

Today, 7 October, was the Adelaide Botanic Gardens 150th birthday celebration. Not knowing this, Stephen and I decided to have a "picnic lunch with wine" similar to your first days in Paris, in the garden. Try as we might, it was nothing like your views in Paris however we had a lovely day. I'm still loving your photos and stories. xxx Kaylie