Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On the Road Again

Well, we hqve left Monaco, and have found our way back to Paris for our "last fling". The hotel we have booked does not have internet access, and we have found this internet cafe newt to the Laundry where we have had to do some washing. I have left Dave guarding the 'lavage' to jot down a few notes for you, so again I am sorry, that there are no photos!

The keyboards here in Europe have a different for,at to the ones back home, so I will need to proof read what I have written. For instance, the A and Q have been swapped, and M is next to L. I also need to press 'Caps'(?) to get numbers and full stops to register, and look hard for the question mark! They probably do this on purpose so that you spend more time on here!

The train trip was lovely, but instead of us having to rush for the train, we got there 20 minutes early and hopped on board right on time! No rushing this time! We got into Nice, and that is where the problem started. There was a technical difficulty with the train, and it was 70 minutes before they could get us another and before the rest of the journey began.

We arrived out of the Metro station near our hotel, and felt like we had entered the Ghetto. Another thing was that we did not know exactly where we needed to go to get to our hotel, but after asking a couple of people, who couldn't help us, We asked a taxi driver who couldn't speak English, but could point us in the right direction. We have been very lucky so far with the accommodation, but I think that this is the worst. Unfortunately we couldn't afford the Ritz, but this will be OK. The bed is firm, but the pillow feels comfortable. It smells a little, but I have just bought some lily blooms to make it smell better!

Hope you are all well, and can't wait to see you on Saturday night. I am not sure if I can upload images, but will ask on the way out.

Love to all, Kate

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Ron and Hilda said...

Well what's the problem? - I keep missing the right keys anyway!

I am sure that you will have plenty of laughs about little scrapes you have been involved with not funny at the time ... but ...

Does your new accommodation mean that Mitch and Lawrie have to have a couple of bottles of AirWick in their pockets on Saturday?

I can't remember now if I told you that Centrals thrashed NA by 65pts on Sunday. At least I did have a couple of wins over there (Rotherham United being one of them).

Love Dad
PS no doubt some more messages after school!