Friday, October 12, 2007

Grande Finale

At Epernay, home of Champagne.

Last night we went to the Moulon Rouge. the 11 pm show was packed, on a Wednesday with the line to get in stretching over 200m! Judging by all the busses leaving after the 9 oclock show this session is booked out 3 months ahead by the tour companies. Lots of fancy costumes and dancing plus some comedy, juggling, acrobatics and plenty of scantilly clad nice young ladies. The show had something for everyone. My favourite was the swimming pool scene.

Today did some last minute souveneir shopping and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. An old style burger went down a treat. Also the memorabelia was good. A couple of gems for you Lawrie. See photo below.

Kate then went to the Opera House but could not go into the main auditorium due to a rehearsal. Judging by the photos the entrabce halls and stairways were impressive. The building was built designed by Garnier, who also designed the Monte Carlo casino. No photos allowed in the casino but this shot in the opera house gives you an idea of what it is like.

Opera House
Monte Carlo casino

Later in the day we went to the Pierre Lacaisse cemetary to see Oscar Wildes grave site. While we were there we stumbled upon the grave of Jim Morrison. There were a steady stream of visitors paying there respects which was good to see. Just a few people around, not a crowd. What was not so good to seee was that there is now a barricade around the grave and a security guard nearby. This was not the case when I was here 20 years ago. Seems like some people will not let Jim RIP.

Tonight we will stroll down the Champs Elysee as we have not seen it at night. Then a quiet dinner as we are both buggered from a big day and night yesterday.

Apologies for the photos, you may have to twist your neck to see the, properly. I cannot rotate them as this PC is in french and I have no hope.

We are really looking forward to giving Loz and Moz a great big hug tomorrow.

Cheers Dave


Here is the shot I got hanging out of the window in the Italian Riviera. Not bad from a moving train.

Some people we have seen that we recognise, do you?

Professor Julius Sumner Miller

Neil Craig

Bickus Dickus (from Life of Brian)


Ron and Hilda said...

Thanks dad and mum for sending a pic of Angus Youngs guitar. and do you know if he played on it or not.

Love Lozza

Ron and Hilda said...

G'day again from Ballarat.
We are all on a count down now. One more sleep for both Mitch and Lawrie (and their Nanna and Grandad).
We hope you enjoyed your walk down Champs Elysee last night. Is there a slope to the road? I ask that because you will be strolling out with Boof and Zelda up and down the streets of Ballarat and they aren't FLAT!
Anyway, enyoy yourselves to the hilt and have a safe and good flight home.
Love Mam and Dad

Dudley said...

Thanks for the wonderful story of your trip.I reckon I enjoyed it just as much as you did !!!! Thanks for the memories.
Love Dad/Dud

Annie said...

Looking forward to having you safe back with us. Safe travel