Monday, October 8, 2007

Money, Money, Money

Bonjour from Monaco!

We had a good train trip, although we realised thay we had only reserved one place on the train! When we got to Milan (no problems when you follow a proper map – see posting from Busseto) the first class carriages were all full and Dave being a gentleman, let me sit in first class, although the only real difference was the leg room. (Dave did not deliberately book first class but somehow that is what we got, C’est la vie)We travelled through the rural countryside which we have become accustomed to over the last couple of days, and then began to clime through hills, scenery reminiscent of the foot of the Swiss mountains. We came across several tunnels which teased us like Dave changing channels on the TV. Every time we got used to the scenery, another one came up, and took the lovely views away from us. I did not count how many there were in total, but certainly more than you could count on four hands. I knew that we were heading downwards, and wondered if the tunnels would take us all the way to the sea. I was pleasantly surprised the when we reached Genova, the Mediterranean was there before us.

I made my way down the train to rendezvous with Dave for a picnic lunch (more wine and bread and butter), to find him to be the sole inhabitant of his compartment. I went back to get my things from first class and we enjoyed each other’s company once again.

The coast line was once again interrupted with several tunnels, but is was wonderful scenery. At times we traveled so close too the sea, you could just about touch it! Dave took several photos and videos from the moving train, and was particularly pleased with himself after discovering this shot:
Why? Well if you zoom in-----

Monte Carlo is amazing! The amount of money and richness of wealth is incredible. Outside the casino, we saw several VERY EXPENSIVE cars. All lined up in a row were Ferrari, Carrera, Mercedes, Maserati……
Here is Dave in front of a lovely Porsche.
(Having trouble with loading photos and our net time is nearly up, will send some from Paris).

Today we walk the Grand Prix track and tonight we frock up and suit up for a visit to the world’s most famous casino. The old Dirty Harry line comes to mind ‘Just ask youself one question, do you feel lucky, well do ya punk.?’


Ron and Hilda said...

Ma Cherie Kate,
Bon Jour - C'est Moi,
Comment allez vous? Je suis trez bien.
Les auto magnifiques en Monaco n'est ce pas?
Mama et moi - nous visitez Ballarat aujourdoui et tout c'est bien. Le sol - OK!
Nous visitez le magasin d'art et je boughtez le papier a l'art pour moi a Tanunda.
Bon Soir et je t'aime
Votre pere

Dudley said...

Hi Kate and Dave,you bring back so many memories to me. Mary and I went up Mt Titlus too, and enjoyed the cable ride and the superb views.
Where did you get the cap for the Lucerne bridge photo ??? just kidding!! superb placement by your photo taker whoever she or he may be.

Enjoy Monte Carlo
Love Dad/Dud

Jodie said...

This sounds a little less stressful than the last post - By now you guys may have won milions !!! I do hope you are having a ball !