Thursday, October 11, 2007

Some photos for you

The start anfd finish line for the Monaco Grand Prix.
From near the Palace Royale in Monaco.

View from the top of Mt. Titlis

Here are (hopefully) some photos from the previous days. Today we have visited Epernay. Toured around the caves of Mercier and Moet and Chandon. Learnt a lot about how the champagne is made. Tasted Vintage and Non-vintage bubbles. There are Kilometres of caves under Epernay storing champagne.

We slept well lqst night. Very quiet street andthe bed is almost like ours!

We are off to the Moulin Rouge tonight for an 11:30 show.


Ron and Hilda said...

I don't think that you'd be standing there too long Dave when "It's ON"!

You both will be envied tonight - you will be the first ones we know that will have been to the MR. Apparently it's spectacular. We want a full story! (Be careful Kate that they don't sign you up!)
Love Dad

Jodie said...

No surprise you slept well after the champagne tasting - Can't wait to hear about the Moulin Rouge

skinglis said...

I agree with the other writers - do tell about the MR! Are we sure these photos aren't Photoshopped - they look too good to be true.